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Common misconceptions about London escorts

29 Dec 2017

The life of an escort is like that of any professional who is busy for most of the day trying to earn a living and provide for themselves and their loved ones. But the life of an escort is more complex than that of a regular professional. They have to face the onslaught of public perception in a manner that is invasive sometimes.


London is a great city with a lively and inclusive vibe. You can easily find an escort in London if you know where to look. The girls are like regular people and they use their bodies to earn a living not unlike a construction worker. The general public has a lot of misconceptions about the job as well as the women who hold that job dearly. Here are a few of the misconceptions that the people have about London escorts –


  • They are prostitutes – More often than not, people mistake escorts for being prostitutes which is totally wrong. Escorts are much more than just being a prostitute. They provide nurture, care and most importantly stimulation of the mind that prostitutes can never provide. Escorts actually are great conversationalists and can discuss and debate with you on a wide range of topics.

They are prostitutes

  • They are forced to work – This is another misconception that has been tainting the business for a long time. All the escorts that engage in the trade come to it willing and out of their own volition. Most of them are students who are making money on the side by escorting so that they can pay off their student debts. There are some others who wish to work as an escort because they want to! Whatever the reason, in the end it is their decision to make. No one forces them. They actually like the job!

They are forced to work

  • They are disease prone and unhygienic – This is another misconception that has been festering for a long time. Escorts never engage in sex without the use of a condom. They understand the risks of the job and are doubly conscious about their health. They have to undergo regular medical check-ups for their own benefit and the benefit of their client. So no, escorts are not unhygienic, on the contrary they are more hygienic than the rest of us!

They are disease prone and unhygienic

  • They are drug addicts – The number of people that have this misconception ingrained in them is colossal. Nobody knows why this stupidity is considered to be true. Escorts are simply given a bad name and thought of as a part of the darker or inappropriate section of society. While there are a few escorts who do drugs, it is wrong to say that all of them are drug addicts. Most of them are university students trying to pay off their student loans.

They are drug addicts

  • They are immoral – As I mentioned earlier, people usually think of escorts as being a part of some nefarious industry doing things that are unbecoming of a citizen with values. That is just such a judgemental stand to take especially when they don’t know anything about the escorts. It’s ok if a construction worker uses the strength of his body to do some work and get paid but somehow it’s not okay for escorts to use their body and get paid? Escorts have the right to do as they please with their body as much as anybody else.

They are immoral

  • Men who pay escorts are depraved – This misconception is not really related to the escorts but rather pointed at their clients! People simply don’t want to leave any aspect of the lives of escorts alone. Men who pay escorts for their services are actually smarter than most others. They know what they want and they pay for it. What is so wrong in that? Not all of us can get sex in our normal lives. Some of us are too busy to make efforts at charming a woman.

Men who pay escorts are depraved

Whether they are one of the cheap London escorts or one of the London out call escorts, they are going to be judged unfairly nonetheless.  The life of an escort is a tough one whether they choose to continue in the profession or just join it temporarily. Hopefully, the least we can do is get rid of these appalling misconceptions.