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Male Escort Vs Female Escort

18 Aug 2017

There were old times when people who were homosexual lead a depressive and isolated life. Today, it is a very open subject and people freely share their sex preferences with attitude like never expected. Girls are happy to spend intimate time with girls and some boys like to get cozy with guys. It is not their mistake though.

Nature has made them that way and now they just wish to be happy. Other than this, what has made Male Escorts popular is women have become independent and no longer wish to get married due to traditional customs. They like to fly and live free. For sexual needs, they prefer to call for a male Escort from a reputed and cheap London escort agency.

Men were the superior races and hence female escorts are quite an old concept. It is a very common profession since the time of our grandfathers. Now you would be shocked but fact is Male Escorts are more in demand than female Escorts.

Male Escorts help frustrated and depressed women to stay happy!

Many suppressed women in the houses choose to be happy and become strong enough to call for a Male Handsome Escort from a an escort agency. They not only pamper themselves this way but get a unique confidence which was lacking. Also there are many cheated women in the world who are lonely and have developed hatred towards committed relationships. Being in the company of cool Male Escorts make them feel happy and blessed. Male Escorts make them confident and appreciate them in a way, which they urged since long. Women are sentimental and get attached easily. More than life, some women like to date double men for better contentment and hence opt for Male Escorts on preferred timings.

Female Escorts get a wider opportunity in comparison to Males

Females though have a huge industry waiting for them. Due to women being more hitched in family and kids’ pressure, male escorts are not needed in huge numbers like females. Men are good at cheating their wives but very few women have the guts to leave their house to spend their intimate time in arms of a stranger man. Moreover, sometimes they feel dangerous of getting recorded or blackmailed later by the agency.

Hence,yes female Escorts are much more in demand based on numbers but Male Escorts are slowly gaining popularity everywhere. They are also becoming a nice option in terms of fun and enjoyment. Also as the rule for same sex passed and being in action, there are more chances that people will reveal will about the male escorts too.