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9 Kinky Role Play Ideas with an escort for This X-Mas

19 Dec 2018

Are you looking forward to spicing up your sex life? Feeling monotonous or bored about having sex with the significant other? The chances are that the sex you are having with your partner lacks the spark. Every sexual activity needs to have a spark in order to keep it lively and wanting to do more every time. To spice up your sexual activities and the notion of physical intimacy in them, you can as well consider hiring escorts in London for the purpose. They not only help in making things exciting for you in bed, but also make you learn new, interesting ways of enhancing your sex life naturally.

The Christmas season is around the corner. As the festive holidays have already started, it is time to think about spending the holidays in utter comfort and relaxation. Whether you are spending some alone time in London or heading to the city as a tourist during the upcoming Christmas season, you can always enhance the festive feels by hiring a professional escort in London to satiate your deepest, wildest desires and dreams.

While hiring a London escort for your Christmas celebrations this year, it is great to move away from the standard norms and get more involved –both sexually as well as provocatively. This is wherein the role of kinky role play ideas comes in. Role play serves to be one of the best ways of flirting while maximizing your sexual fantasies. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that you can enhance your overall intimate experiences by making use of innovative sexually-oriented play roles with the hot, seductive Outcall London escorts.

Here are some of the kinky role play ideas that you can make use of to catch the attention of the woman in your bed:

Sex with the Boss:

Role play is all about breaking the taboos. If you are looking forward to truly channelizing the office vibes, playing the role of a boss with your secretary –trying to have sex on the desk or the table.

sex with boss

Household Help:

If you love being bossy, you might as well like treating your lady in bed like the mistress or household help –abiding by your intimate expectations and orders.

household girl


There is no denying the fact that hot, erotic massages are highly sensuous in uplifting your overall sexual experiences. Playing the role play of a masseuse can make anyone feel horny instantly and boost your sexual experiences erotically.

erotic Massage girl

Total Strangers:

Allow your partner to approach you as you two have never met before (chances are high when you are hiring an escort), and treat each other’s bodies like you have never seen before. Take your partner across the frenzied lust that drives you two crazy by jumping into the bed right away.



Be the patient or the doctor and have endless fun while role-playing with the escort in your bed. The doctor and patient role plays are quite hot & intense as it involves some authoritative figure.

nurse role play


Rural Rompers:

By rural rompers, we imply an activity involving the milkmaid or farm hand based role play scenarios. You can try your best for recreating the naughtiness of the acts while experiencing another level of romantic wilderness.

Rural love

Cherry Popping:

While for most individuals, losing the virginity might be a painful process –sometimes even unfulfilling and embarrassing, it can be extremely fun to recreate the event of losing the virginity of either yourself or the partner.

Cherry popping

Yoga Teacher or Gym Guide:

Pretending to be a yoga teacher or a gym expert can help you guide and touch different erotic areas of your partner, while amplifying the overall intimate feels at the same time. Also you can check more 20 tips which will keep you safe and update.

Yoga teacher love classes

Kings & Queens:

Whatever might be your stance on the monarchy, regal role play can be extremely fun-filled while behaving like a royal in bed.

King and Queen role play

Make the most of the Christmas this season with innovative role play ideas with our Escorts Talisman agency girls.